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The Accidental Houseguest

Clive Quarmby

The Accidental HouseguestWittingly written, author Clive Quarmby’s The Accidental Houseguest is an easy-to-read, amusing short novel. The sarcastic humor and unusual plot takes a mocking look at the IRS, FBI, DEA, gangsters and the Miami flamboyant lifestyle of the rich and infamous. The book follows Gerald Owen, who becomes entangled in an absurd series of events after he unintentionally and unknowingly assumes the identity of an undercover DEA Agent. He finds himself as a guest of Vincent Campari,  a reputed Mafia boss. Vincent believes Gerald is the boyfriend of his eldest daughter who is stuck in Paris. The DEA believe that their undercover agent has finally infiltrated the Campari bastion. Gerald is subsequently involved in sexual liaisons and numerous attempts on his life.